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HillsideIntermediate School

Launching Distance Learning Today

Dear Hillside Families,

This morning, Monday, March 23, 2020, we are launching distance learning! This truly is an exciting yet uncertain time. If you haven’t already done so, please take some time to visit our school website and Facebook page for helpful information.
After receiving feedback this week from parents, teachers and students, we have updated our initial plan that I emailed you last week. We heard many concerns about our fixed schedule; therefore, the students do not have a set time that they must sign-in to their google classrooms. They can go on at whatever times are good for them & your family. The important thing is that they get their weekly assignments complete, but there is flexibility in when it gets done. As parents, you can certainly set a schedule for your children, but with so many different family circumstances during this closure we felt that is was best for us to allow parents to create these schedules individually instead of the school setting it for everyone.
Teachers will be posting weekly “office hours” starting next week. This will allow students and parents to know at a week’s glance when teachers will be online to work with students and answer parent questions. This week teachers will be posting those hours each day as they get used to which hours work best for our students and families. Teachers will be available during the morning, afternoon, and some evening hours.

Students will be required to check-in daily. The daily check-in will count as their attendance. We are still working on the logistics as to how the daily check-in will work. I will be calling and/or emailing you that information within the next day or so.

This first week we are intentionally easing into distance learning. We sent home a weekly plan that can be completed by students who have internet access and by those that don’t. Again this was intentional for week 1, as we're unsure when planning exactly how many of our students would be connected. Starting next week, our distance learning will be in full swing and you will see more engaging online lessons and activities. So please be patient with us as we are literally building a new virtual school.

For today and the rest of this week, your children should log in to their different google classrooms daily and complete their weekly assignments. Even if they finish their assignments for the week, still have them log on to see if there are any new posts, or even to just say, “Hi” to their teachers and classmates. Please feel free to email me at or any of your child's teachers with any questions.
Please watch this video where I explain the basics of how distance learning will work.
Thank you for your patience and support.
Stay safe and healthy,
Mrs. Hunt