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HillsideIntermediate School

Distance Learning

Core Values

  • Relationships with students and families are our highest priority.
  • Continued emphasis on deep thinking, growth towards competency, and our Vision of the Graduate.
  • Being flexible, as we “learn how to learn” in an online learning environment. 

Teachers will...

  • Maintain a Google Classroom for each class they teach.
Each week, develop a module that includes, at a minimum:
  • Competency aligned content that students can access (readings, videos, podcasts, or teacher-created materials, structured opportunities for student reflection or discussion posts).
  • At least one formative assessments/assignments which will be entered into Powerschool.
  • Students should be able to complete these at their own pace within a given timeframe you create.
  • Be available online for weekly posted "office hours". Some of this time will be used for live instruction for whole class or small groups, class discussion, feedback sessions, or individual conferencing using Google Meet or Google Hangouts. 
  • In addition to weekly modules, plan larger projects/summative assessments as needed.
  • Monitor progress and provide feedback for students. If students are not engaging in learning, make initial outreach to families. If, at the end of a given week, a student has not submitted assignments or been in touch with a teacher, complete an outreach needed form Hillside Outreach Form and a staff member will follow up.
  • Collaborate with colleagues as necessary to ensure common experiences. Coaches may schedule meetings during common prep periods, or other times that are convenient for the group.

Special Services Personnel will….

  • Provide individual student support as needed.
  • Will be part of our outreach team to help support families and ensure students are engaged in learning
  • Schedule and conduct PPT's and 504 meetings (This is on hold per CSDE for time being)
  • Conduct counseling sessions as part of their regular case load (phones and online methods will be used)

Paras and Math and Reading Assistants will...

  • Join all Google Classrooms that they normally support students in
  • Under the direction of certified staff, will engage in small group feedback session or provide online instruction and support

Students will…

  • Begin each day by checking their Google Classrooms for any communications.
  • Complete all assigned content learning by the assigned due date.
  • Contact their teacher if and when they need support through Google Classroom.
  • To the best of their ability, plan to be available and take advantage of live instructional hours for each class throughout the week (see schedule). Use this time to connect with teachers and classmates, receive support on the weekly module or long-term projects, and get feedback on your learning.
  • Students are not expected to necessarily be in front of the computer during the entire time of their class period.  Students can work at their own pace or at a time that works best for their families, but these set times are when students and families can expect their teachers and peers to be online and engaging in the class content.
  • Adhere to classroom charters & expectations for online learning.
  • Students will complete the week one assignments that were sent home with their belongings and Chromebooks on Friday, March 20th.
  • Alternative arrangements will be made for students without regular internet access; we will be calling families to verify internet access in the coming days.

Classroom Teacher Weekly Schedule Monday-Friday (Flex option)

Teacher Professional Time

8:00-10:00 am Daily (10 hours per week)

Teachers are available for faculty meetings, common planning, self-paced learning, and individual prep & lesson design

At least 7.5 additional hours per week of planning which may include 1 hour of PLT time


Up to 4 hours per month of “After School Faculty Meetings”

Flexible “Office Hours” 

(Totaling 15 hours per week at least 1 hour each day)

Teachers are available to be live or online for students. This time may include, but is not limited to, whole group live lessons, small group live lessons, conferences via Google Hangouts or Meet, electronic feedback to students, replying to student or parent emails, holding parent-teacher conferences/meetings,….

Office Hours MUST be posted weekly in Google Classrooms.

Changes during the week need approval from Principal







Total hrs.

Total hrs.

Total hrs:

Total hrs:

Total hrs:

Suggested Student Weekly Schedule (Flexible Option)

Student Work Time 

Students must complete Daily Check-in: This counts as their daily attendance

(Checking-in lets us know our families are healthy and connected)

During this time students are working independently or collaborating with peers. They may be exploring Google Classrooms, watching (and rewatching) posted videos and tutorials, reading posted articles and text and working to complete their assignments & tasks.

Attend Flexible “Office Hours”

Students may join live video or chat sessions with their teacher(s), email teachers for help or clarification, or work with teachers in feedback sessions.  Students continue to complete weekly tasks & assignments and get any help they need from their teacher.


Breakfast & Daily Check-in



Explore your Humanities or Stem Google Classrooms; watch videos and review assignments. Make sure you understand what is due during the upcoming week.  (You may want to focus on your Humanities work for 1-2 days and your STEM work for 1-2 days, then use Friday to finish up or get any additional feedback and support)


Special Area Classroom of your choice


Make your schedule for the rest of the day.  Look at your teachers' office hours and decide which times you want to join. Think about the questions you have? What do you need help with? (Remember you can work and complete assignments anytime throughout the week.  Teachers will be available to you during their office hours).

Make sure your schedule includes time for lunch, special area classes, extra exercise, and even a brain break or two!

↓   Follow the schedule you made   ↓