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Humanities is an integrated English language arts and social studies course.  In Grade 5, students will engage in the study of events, early in United States history, from indigenous peoples prior to colonization through the American Revolution.  Focus will be on the role of Connecticut through this time.  In Grade 6, students will engage in the study of world geography.  They will study the cultures and regions of the Middle East and Northern Africa, East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Subcontinental Asia.  An emphasis is placed on analyzing and evaluating a variety of documents, sources, and perspectives. 

Humanities Teachers

Michael BennettTeam Brown (Grade 6)
Jenna DufresneTeam Princeton (Grade 6)
Kushtrim Lumani Team Dartmouth (Grade 6)
Katie Singley Team Columbia (Grade 5/6)
Paul Ceryak Team Cornell (Grade 5)
Tracey Gairing Team Yale (Grade 5)
Michele Walmsley Team Harvard (Grade 5)